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Highly recommend a broker from Your Mortgage Broker! As a first home buyer, having a supportive and patient guide in Laxmi Varala (who could pre-empt most of my questions!) made all the difference. Thank you!

Lachy was very thorough with compiling the documents and details relevant to the loan application. This is of course an arduous process but it certainly helps a great deal when you have broker that takes the time to clarify your questions in great detail. Overall, we were pleased with the experience and now have Lachy on speed dial should the need arise for another loan in the future.

Pravindran S.

Lachy provided us with a friendly and professional approach to refinancing our mortgage.  He was always willing and able to answer our questions, and took the time and effort to ensure we understood any explanations.  Would highly recommend his services.

Cherie P.

Zane Massey was very helpful, hooked us up to the perfect loan and offset account setup with minimum fuss. Very impressed, Thanks Zane!

Mike T.
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